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In-House Cabinet Shop

Iowa City Commercial Cabinetry and Countertop Installation

In addition to construction services, McComas-Lacina has a full-service in-house custom cabinet shop serving contractors, architects, engineers, designers, administrators, and managers.

Custom Casework Capabilities

In order to enhance service and meet customer demands for high-quality product, MLC opened its casework operation in 1977. After 39 years of continuous growth, our custom cabinetry and casework shop boasts a collective 206 years of craftsmanship with our experienced, skilled and dedicated employees.

  • Laminate Casework and Countertops
  • Customer Wood Casework
  • Unique Architectural Features
  • Large and Small ScaleJobs
  • Full-Service Fabrication
  • Business/Corporate HQ
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Schools/Universities
  • High-rise Condominiums
  • Churches
  • Retails
  • Athletic Facilities

MLC sets itself apart from our competition by offering our customers the full-service capabilities of our casework division. By controlling the production of custom casework, MLC is able to provide the highest quality product, on schedule and on budget, and immediately address any changes or enhancements that commonly occur during the construction process.

Our commitment to continuous improvement has allowed our casework operation to expand to its current 12,000 square foot facility. Our investment in technology ensures our customers will be able to benefit from the newest materials and improved construction methods. From raw material to finished product our casework operation allows our customers to realize the greatest value in time and money. With delivery to the job site to installation of the finished product, MLC dictates the highest level of quality through the entire process.

McComas-Lacina is AWI Certified

MLC is a long-term and active member of the American Woodworking Institute (AWI). AWI is the recognized industry leader in casework standards and specifications. MLC is also Forest Stewardship Council certified, which is instrumental in all LEED projects.